What is a Tub Liner?

In short, a tub liner is a new bathtub or shower basin custom fabricated to fit perfectly over your existing bathtub or shower basin. At Xpress Bath, our manufacturing facility utilizes a patented process for creating exact replicas of your existing tub or shower, thus ensuring a perfect, glove-like fit. How do we create the perfect fitting tub liner for your existing tub or shower basin? Well, we’ve collected practically every physical tub and shower basin built since 1912! Since the early 1980’s our facility has been collecting, coding and storing every old cast iron and steel tub we could find. In essence, we’ve created a bathtub museum containing hundreds of models of tubs and shower basins. Utilizing proprietary measuring devices, our bath consultants take unique measurements of your tub or shower to create a virtual “fingerprint” of your tub and identify the exact make and model for your tub or shower. Once your tub or shower is positively identified, we pull the

exact same tub out of our bathtub museum and place it into our thermoformer. The thermoformer heats up ¼” sheets of acrylic until they are pliable and then, utilizing our patented process creates an exact acrylic mold over the actual tub or shower basin. Our installers deliver the new tub to your home or office and since it’s an exact match of your existing we are able to install it over your existing tub or shower in several hours.

Another unknown fact is that our tub liners and shower liners are fabricated of 100% virgin acrylic and are a full ¼” thick. This means, that our tub liners are more durable than most standard steel tubs and enjoy a limited lifetime warranty. In fact a tub or shower covered with an acrylic tub liner will always be more http://www.phpaide.com/demos/ContactForm/ durable than the originally installed tub on its own. Best of all, because acrylic tub liners are both extremely durable and non-porous it will never peel, chip or flake off like painted bathtubs and will never require scrubbing to keep clean. Our acrylic tub liners, shower liners and replacement tubs and showers are easy to maintain and are cleaned with environmentally safe products with an easy spray and wipe!

So, at this point you are probably thinking this all sounds great. But, what does a new acrylic tub liner or shower liner cost? A newly installed acrylic tub liner will cost less than replacing your existing tub but more than a cheap bathtub re-glazing

project. Because acrylic tubs are among the highest quality tubs on the market, the material cost is several hundred dollars more than the cheap metal tubs you will find at typical home improvement centers. Taking all these factors into consideration, a high quality acrylic tub liner can cost anywhere from $900 to $1,500 depending on the style, color and drain configuration.

However, given a typical bathtub repaint costs $400 and will only last a few years, acrylic tub liners are a bargain given their lifetime warranty and ease of care.